Bitwarden won't fill

On the latest version, runing chrome. New user, converted from Lastpass and all my old stuff is great. On my Pc trying to sign up for a free neighborhs account at tractor supply and its seems unable to auto login.

Any idea where to start with troubleshooting? Searching for in support and forums yelided nothing.

Welcome to Bitwarden.

Could you say more about the nature of the failure, where exactly does it fail? Name/pass generation and subsequent auto-fill seem to work there. Are you trying to auto-fill on page load?

The bitwarden sheild doesn’t show up.

I can go to the top bitwarden icon and autofill from there, but not from the login prompt.

I just tried this, since I have a TS login. The login screen does not have the shield that pops up for easy login (I can’t remember what it’s called). But I was able to use the extension to login in without issue.

Maybe that’s what the OP was talking about?

Edit: Or what he typed as I was typing :wink:

Alan_Russell, Mostly I use Ctrl-Shift-L (Cmd-Shift-L on MacOS in my case). I rarely even notice whether the shield has appeared.

Yes, on this website, the inline autofill menu does not appear. In addition, the automatic autofill (“autofill on page load”) does not work. In both cases, it is most likely because the login form does not yet exist on the TS webpage when Bitwarden executes its code to insert the inline autofill menu in form fields, or to automatically autofill the username/password fields. Clicking the “Sign In” link on the TS page does not actually open a new page (it just modifies the contents of the current page), so Bitwarden will not execute any of the code that makes auto-fill on page load or rendering of inline autofill menus happen.

You can report this issue using Bitwarden’s Autofill Failure Report form:


In the meantime, you can easily autofill the login form using the Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut, or by opening the browser extension window, or by right-clicking and selecting Bitwarden > Auto-fill login in the context menu.

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Thanks. The first time I tried this none of the methods worked. Additionally it didn’t even ask me to save for the site, and I had to add it manually.

What about now?

I can do it from the right click bitwarden menu or from the bitwarden icon by the search bar.

So you’re saying that the Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut doesn’t work for you? Are you on Windows or macOS?

Does the keyboard shortcut work for auto-filling on other websites? If not, enter chrome://extensions/shortcuts in the address bar of your browser, and check the setting for the Bitwarden keyboard shortcut that is labeled “Auto-fill the last used login for the current website”. Also check if there are any other browser extensions that are using the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut.

The shortcut works.

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FYI, a similar issue on other websites has recently been fixed, and the fix should be released in one of the upcoming releases. Hopefully, this will also fix the TS issue for you.