Bitwarden with O365 exchange


I cannot seem to make my o365 exchange work with bitwarden. what am i getting wrong?

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Hello @Leon_Lamothe - welcome to the Bitwarden community!

Do you use MFA on your Microsoft account? If so, did you generate an app password to use for your SMTP settings? That is a common problem.

Did you remember to restart the Bitwarden server with sudo ./ restart on the host machine?

If those are all ok, have you checked the logs to see why the service is not sending emails?

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there is no mfa enabled on my test account. and i did restart bitwarden.

i’ll try to get some logs

Sounds good. You can also try enabling SSL, even though SMTP Auth will be by STARTTLS. And then rebuild, of course.

cant seem to fit the bitwarden email logs, where are they located?

The default location is inside your bitwarden folder (e.g., /opt/bitwarden) under ./bwdata/logs. IIRC it is the Api folder that stores the SMTP logs, but I am not 100% sure of that.