Bitwarden Windows App - Add Autorun at System Startup


Im wondering why the app does not have a checkbox which allows to run the app automatically when windows is booted up. Also please consider adding a “minimizing” feauture so when pressing on the “X” the app does not close itself but goes into the traybar without the need to re-unlock it when opening again from the tray. Thanks!


The autostart part of your request could be fixed by copying a shortcut to the startup folder in the start menu.
Per user: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


@StephanP Thank you. Would be of course nice if the option would be stock…


Adding a shortcut in the startup folder works fine, but the desktop app ignores the requested startup window size, so it does not start minimized (or better still, only in the system tray).


I was about to tell that. Manual hacks work, but a quick checkbox would make it much easier to be done.

And good point from @Blunt to make it run minimized at 1st. That is certainly a wise choice.


And it is a better usability when users just select an option to start BW automatically than manually having to create an entry in the startup folder.


Please add the check box to run at startup!


I would also like a checkbox for startup. Would be nice if unlocking desktop app could also unlock browser app.


+1 to all those suggestions :slight_smile: