Bitwarden Web does not remember "Enable Full Width Layout" settings after logging in again


the setting “Enable Full Width Layout” in the Webvault does not work next time i login, it only stay for the current session. The setting is still ticked in the settings after a relog, but i have to press save again or change another settings to get it applied for the current session. It looks like this option is not applied after login.

Hey there, I just tried this and after logging back in, it retained the wide setting. Or do you mean it happens after completely closing your browser?

Hi dwbit,

it just happens wenn i open a new tab, open/close browser or use another browser. The setting is not applied until i got into settings and just press save again.

Ah okay, I can reproduce this one, when I come back to the vault later, it is checked but not wide view. I’ll pass this along to the team.

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