Bitwarden Wallet App

I received an email of an Cinema and a Electronic Store (where I have member cards) with links to add their cards to Google Wallet and Apple Wallet.
Would be cool when I could store these cards (with all their details) directly in Bitwarden instead of Google Wallet.
So Bitwarden should be able to “import” these card links.

Do you know any other password managers which have this feature?

No, but can’t Bitwarden be innovative and add a feature the others don’t have?

In my opinion it would be useful to have this feature because it allows users to add cards and other important data into Bitwarden very easily.
I know nothing from the technical perspective (what data can be added by these links) but I hope that these links contain all required information.

I am not sure if 1Password offers such a feature, but If I understood a colleague of mine correctly then 1Password does.

I am hearing this feature for the first time.