Bitwarden Vault Export Script

Bitwarden Vault Export Script | GitHub

This script is largely based upon another script written by someone named “David H” here in this community. I took his script and sort of ran with it by including additional fixes, improvements, and feature additions but in the end, it was still a BASH script.

For Linux users, that might be fine and all but for Windows users, it’s a little hard to run unless you know how to deal with WSL and all that fun stuff.

But not anymore… introducing this script that, as I stated above, is largely based upon previous work but has been translated to use Powershell instead which is more platform independent. Yes, Powershell even works on Linux and I included changes that make it more Linux friendly even though the script is mainly meant to run on Windows.

It’s open source, licensed under the MIT License, and of course, if you want to improve upon the code, please go ahead and do so. Fork the repository, write your code, and make a pull request so that I can include your changes. It’s really that simple.

I’d like to get some feedback on the script so post away.

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@trparky thank you, much appreciated.

Can you please give some instructions on how to get it going.


Download the latest release, unzip it, and then open a Powershell instance and navigate to the location where you unzipped it and then (using the easiest method) run ./bw_export.ps1.