Bitwarden URL shortener not working


no longer works. Nor does

Is this a temporary issue or a permanent change?

Thanks in advance

Personally, I would not use any links to the domain, as there is no way to verify whether this is an official Bitwarden-owned resource. That domain name is registered at and all contact information for the registrant has been anonymized. Thus, we have no idea who is controlling those URLs.

Nonetheless, analyzing the linked URLs using reveals that the second URL ( resolves to the following URL:;

This URL contains a reference to GitHub Repo ID 445231119, which in fact corresponds to The URL also contains a reference to the filename, which is one of the assets included in each release of the bitwarden/self-host repository.

Therefore, I would suggest using the GitHub direct download link for the latest release from this repository, which is:

Alternatively, download just the file from the latest release at this link:

Here in Jan 2023, a BitWarden member (@vgrassia ) says it is official.
He may know why it isn’t working.

Thanks for the pointer. Nonetheless, I agree with the OP in the GitHub issue that you linked (@TastyDigits), that this is a security vulnerability.

Since the owner of the domain has been anonymized by the registrar, it is impossible to determine whether a malicious actor has taken over that domain.

In my opinion, Bitwarden should not use DNS anonymization features for the domains they own. In addition, they should eschew budget registrars like Namecheap, which have a bad reputation for hosting clients that engage in spam and worse.

The links stopped working due to the name servers for the domain being set back to Namecheap mistakenly. They have been updated to point to Cloudflare again and should be working in the next half hour or so.

I will bring up the domain privacy records concern to the team.