Bitwarden upgrade will not open

I still have Mac OS 10.13.6, and cannot upgrade, and now my Bitwarden desktop will not open. How can I roll back, and how far back do I need to go.
It was working OK fairly recently, so I assume the latest update is the issue.
This happened some time ago but then it was fixed, is that likely to happen this time?

The penultimate Desktop version was 2023.12.1, from Dec. 21, 2023. One of the “assets” available in the release page linked below should be a macOS installer that you can use:

Thanks for this. I’m not sure which of these files I should be using, do you think it is ? Will this contain everything I need?

Another option might be to use the Time Machine to restore the previous version’s files, but I’m not sure how far back I should go, when was this latest release put out there?

The current Desktop client (version 2024.1.0) was released 3 weeks ago.

I’m not familiar with macOS, so I’m not sure about the differences between the different available installers, if you are manually reinstalling an older version.

Thank you. I used Time Machine to go back to 9th January and was able to open my vault. But almost immediately I found it would not open again so I think it updated again without my input.
I’m now not sure how to prevent this automatic updating so this does not happen in the future - can anyone tell me where I can set this? I looked at preferences and can’t see anything.

See if the method in this post works for you:

Now I remember trying this before, I couldn’t seem to get it to work. I have worked out that if I click ‘later’ every time I open the vault, it will continue to work.
When this happened before, the next release worked on High Sierra, so I’m hoping this might happen again. I’m not in a position to upgrade my Mac at the moment, and everything else I use is functioning OK. The machine, being older, would not work well with a more recent OS. It is very frustrating, but I suppose I will have to live with it.
Thank you for taking the trouble to reply to me.

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Good luck!