Bitwarden tray icon in Win10

when minimzed I keep BW app on win10 minimized to tray, but the issue is that it tends to be hidden after few seconds, even if I set in taskbar options to have it always on top, still it goes hidden, no matter what settings i choose, all other icons hidden etc
its not a big deal, i just need to click that little arrow and then BW icon, but still a bit irritating

is this sth on Win10 side or perhaps sth on the side of BW settings ?

I have noticed that if you minimize Bitwarden to the tray the Windows notification setting for Bitwarden becomes DEACTIVATED.

What I am using and what also might be your workaround is the tool RBTray which minimizes almost all programs (including Bitwarden) to the tray if you right click onto minimize. Just make sure to switch the Windows notification on for RBTray.

Edit: Typo

thanks for the hint with that app! I remember i was using it long time ago,and I forgot about its existence! i notice it still works on win10