Bitwarden TOTP Authenticator to enter Bitwarden

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Since I don’t know the internal “mysterious” mechanisms back of TOPT Authenticators, I was wondering: what if I want to use Bitwarden TOTP Authenticator feature to enter my Bitwarden Account itself?
I’d get the code either from my cel phone app or from my browser extention, of course.


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What you’re suggesting would work until some unforeseen event causes forced logout of all of your Bitwarden client apps (including your cell phone and browser extension), leaving you locked out of your account. In fact, I’m fairly sure that enabling 2FA for your Bitwarden account will itself cause all your devices to be logged out (although there could be a delay of up to an hour, so if you are able beat this race condition, you may be able to set up 2FA and re-authorize at least one of your devices before you get kicked out).

If you’re going to use this approach, make sure that you keep multiple copies of your Bitwarden 2FA Recovery Code securely stored in multiple locations.

TL;DR: What you’re suggesting is risky, and not recommended.

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I get it.

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