Bitwarden Team should create a "Knowledge Base" for end-users

I would like to suggest that Bitwarden Team create a Knowledge Base page for end-users.

This Knowledge Base should include information about known bugs and upcoming fixes, making it easier for users who are not familiar with GitHub to stay informed. For example, with the release of version 2024.5.0, Desktop users must now unlock their vault to use the Biometric Unlock feature on their Browser Extension App. Instead of discovering that this is intended behavior on other forum websites, users should be informed by the Bitwarden Team themselves before the release. This Knowledge Base would give end-users more confidence in Bitwarden as software and as a company by providing timely updates and detailed information directly from the team, ensuring that all users are well-informed about the software’s behavior and any changes. I know that Vault Hours are an initiative for transparency but I think that Bitwarden also should create a website to be even more transparent.

This was made in response to a discovered vulnerability.

Vulnerabilities are one of those things that should NOT be publicly announced until the mitigation has been released and preferably installed by the bulk of the userbase. The idea being that the public includes bad actors who will quickly develop an exploit and compromise the unpatched.

This is one of the motivations behind the ‘patch early, patch often’ mantra and why “automatically install updates” tends to be the default.

What I mean is that when there is some changes in UX, end-users shouldn’t be looking at Reddit comments for a comment from a Bitwarden Employee. Instead, we should be looking at some “Known bugs” or “Knowledge base about releases” page (aside from release notes (more onto that in below)).

As far as I can tell from following Bitwarden GitHub repos for a few months now, their release flow would be more complicated if they were also explaining breaking changes from release notes on GitHub, that’s why I am suggesting that they could create an another “page” to tell everyone “This update’s UX might be unusual for end-users but this is expected, don’t worry we will fix that as soon as possible” so that everyone, who is also not using Reddit, could be informed easily.

ps. English is not my first language, sorry if I couldn’t explain much.