Bitwarden synology package


Would be nice to make Bitwarden available as an Addon Package for Synology NAS systems.

Synology runs docker so maybe it is quiet easy to get it running. Can’t try it yet my plan is to buy one.



Hi Bitwarden team,

I agree with @faxe here. There are many many Synology NAS endpoints that are in public and private networks that could benefit from Bitwarden being available in the Synology store.

Synology is a Linux operating system for home, small, and medium size businesses and these machines are solid. Their developers are very active in security patching, stability, performance and efficiency. Up times of over 10 years is common.

With the frequent use of secrets during an average internet browsing session, it is a great idea to get Bitwarden on this operating system as not many are technically adept enough to understand the local host installation documentation.

In a world where privacy and data leakage in cloud services is a real concern, targeting the Bitwarden application on a widely used endpoint such as Synology can help dampen those concerns as it also embraces the opensource community and gives more control of the computing stack to the admin.

For example: There are small and medium size business that are required to host secrets on premise due to regulation, compliance, and audit reasons. Bitwarden can thrive in this environment!

Although the upvotes are low on this feature enhancement now, I urge you to please consider it high priority for feature development.

There is a low hanging fruit opportunity here to expand the use of Bitwarden!

Us Synology users will gladly market it to the point that competing NAS systems (FreeNAS, Xpenology…and so on.) will have no choice but to adopt it as well for their package stores :slight_smile:

-Wo Wey

To help gain traction, I have created a feature request with Synology as well.

Ticket #438226 @

Bitwarden runs very well on Docker on Synology DSM. Easily to install from SSH. There are many install tutorials on the Web.

There is only a glitch with HTTP-redirections for admin portal. Server Issue #253

I wrote Synology also for an Package.

Hope there will be some day one to download.