Bitwarden supplying user name but not password on android

When I try to log in to Morgan Stanley on my Samsung phone the user name is filled in but not the password. It seems that this is site specific because it has not happened elsewhere. I deleted the entry and then re-entered all the info again but the problem wasn’t fixed. I have no clue what to try next.

Take a look at the HTML in your web browser. This is better done on a computer with a decent sized screen rather than on a phone contraption. You will probably find that the field is called something odd. Adjust the field name in Bitwarden and, with a little fiddling, you will probably get it to work.

Banks are fairly useless at IT and their sites tend to throw up these problems. Look in the help system here for further information. When you find out what it is let others know by posting here, to help anyone who has this problem in future.

I tried on both my PC and my Android. It worked fine.