BitWarden SKINS/THEMES - User Customized (Icons and Colors)

BitWarden SKINS/THEMES - User Customized (Icons and Colors)

I have fresh eyes as I am new to BitWarden. I have tested other PW managers and I am a long time Premium LastPass user. I tested many PW managers and recently purchased BitWarden Premium. I like many things about BitWarden … what stands out to me is:

  • The Solid, tight and open-source code.
  • I like how you can go into edit on an item in-place instead of opening another window.
  • Everything works very well and is consistent.
  • Function wise I have a few ideas, but because all is really solid right now, what I would like is …

For BitWarden to be more interesting, more eye catching, more colorful and easier for me to quickly identify what to click on.

So I suggest User Customizable SKINS. (Here is a mock-up of a SKIN, just replacing some icons)



The benefits for Users:

  • We can make BitWarden look like we want
  • We can develop multiple skins (up to say 3, you decide)
  • We can export skins
  • We can post our exported skins if we choose
  • We can import skins others have made if we like them
  • We can have fun with it

The benefits for BitWarden:

  • BitWarden can just maintain the Base Skins/Themes (Light, Dark, Nord)
  • I just realized they are called Themes (Skins or Themes, either name is fine)
  • BitWarden does not have to listen to people wanting this or that, Users can create and share their own
  • BitWarden might spot some User Developed Skins and add them to their list of Themes

What I am talking about here is the ability to:
(1) Change Icons (either select from list given -or- upload new icon)
(2) Change Colors (via Hex, or RGB or both)

This would really change BitWarden’s look, to each of our own liking!
And we can use other’s Skins that they posted if we like theirs.

This should be developed as Future Proof, by doing something like the following:

  • Give each Element (each icon and each part of the interface) a unique identifier
  • Examples: Login Icon(TIL), Card Icon (TIC), Identity Icon (TII)
  • Examples: Login Icon(TIL) is short for Type Icon Login
  • Whatever Identifier chosen for each should Remain the Same for the life of BitWarden
  • But BitWarden should write a disclaimer, in case of major revisions of interface
  • In any case, BitWarden will publish a Skin Chart, identifying with codes each element of the interface
  • In my opinion, if it helps for development … the skins do not have to apply to the Web Interface
  • In my opinion, Implement the App & Extensions 1st, The Web Interface can be added in later if choose to
  • More Examples: Background Color Left Sidebar(BCLS), Background Color Item List(BCIL)
  • More Examples: Background Color Item Information(BCII), Background Color Header(BCH)
  • More Examples: TYPES Font Color(TFC), FOLDERS Font Color(FFC)
  • More Examples: Header Menu Font Color(HMFC), etc.
  • Gives us an option for each Element of the interface.

Users will:

  • Create (somehow - how ever you develop it) a list of the Elements that want to be different
  • This list will override the base Skin/Theme for those elements (so the list can be short of long)
  • User can opt to upload icons, then be able to choose from these along with base icons

BitWarden will provide:

  • A published Skin Chart, identifying with codes each element of the interface
  • A Skin Change Interface that will, as Icons or input colors are specified, it will take effect immediately, results will be shown.
  • Using an Apply Button is fine … we just want to be able to play with it and easily see effects as we adjust icons & colors
  • It could even start out as just a CSV input file (for colors and selecting from base icons)
  • Provide ability to: Export/Import settings for our Skins
  • Provide place to: To Show/Share our Skins with others (this is lower priority than the rest of it)

What do people think?

Yes, I’m a big pro for it !