Bitwarden shortcut Accessibility button on Android 12

Hi all,
Just got a new Pixel 6 Phone. The accessibility options has a bit warden shortcut accessibility button which doesn’t seem to do anything.
Can someone suggest how it’s meant to work?
Pressing on it does not do anything, nor does enabling it seem to make any difference to the autofill function, which works the same regardless.
I have attached the screenshot with the arrow pointing to the actual button that appears on screen, when the shortcut is enabled.

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Hi @remuallan,

This shortcut allows you to switch Bitwarden’s access to your phone’s Accessibility Service on and off. Generally speaking, this would affect your ability to autofill your credentials in certain situations, but you may not necessarily notice that as there are other services that can also perform that function: Auto-fill Logins on Android | Bitwarden Help & Support but it’s important to keep it on, as it can be helpful for when the other autofill services may not operate as expected.

To remove/hide this shortcut, please tap the ‘Bitwarden shortcut’ toggle in the screenshot that you’ve included.

I hope this clarifies everything up for you. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,

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Thanks - much appreciated.