Bitwarden server with HTTPS

Hello, I have RPi 4 at home and I would like to run Bitwarden server on it, I use Portainer for managing docker containers (every service I run on that RPi 4 is container).

So I followed this tutorial: Self Hosting Bitwarden on the Raspberry Pi - Pi My Life Up

And it says that I have to install nginx on host RPi 4 for HTTPS, because Bitwarden image on docker hub is HTTP only and some functions wouldn’t work with HTTP (and it is insecure), so I would like to know if there is some Bitwarden image with HTTPS support inside it, or if I can somehow install Nginx in that container and make it persistent.

Because I don’t like idea installing any service (Nginx) outside containers.

Thank you

Hello @tomsk - please be aware that Bitwarden Server will not run on Raspberry Pi devices or any other ARM based device. Note that the article you refer to has you install software that is not created by Bitwarden, but rather is cleverly created by someone else to look just like it was actually Bitwarden. I urge you to research what it is that you intend to install, because it is a Bitwarden look-alike that is not produced by Bitwarden. Are you sure you want to trust it to store all your passwords and other secrets?

Given that this question is not about a Bitwarden product, I am going to close this thread, but feel free to DM me @tomsk if you have any questions about that. Cheers!

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