Bitwarden Server Setup Problem (Using Nonstandard Port 4430)

I just gave that a try and it is still running into the same issue. It’s odd that it worked the first time I installed it. I have tried to reinstall it several times and it has never been the same. Maybe there are still remnants of the past install laying around. @cksapp, do you know of any way that I can start on a fresh slate?

Yeah, I’ll go ahead and create a ticket with the official support team and will report back my findings.

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Hopefully support can provide you with some good answers.

I would say it depends on how far deep in the rabbit hole you are currently.

Are you just starting and do not care for anything to be saved?

  • If so then you can just simply delete the entire ./bwdata directory and start from scratch.

If you have items saved in your vault that you wish to keep.

  • At a minimum I would recommend making a backup of your vault from the client. (Though note this doesn’t save any attachments, or some additional metadata such as password history)

  • You may also wish to backup directly from the host the following

    • ./bwdata/mssql directory which will contain the SQL database and backups for all your entries
    • ./bwdata/core/attachments/ directory which contains encrypted file attachments

This Help doc may also assist with the Host-to-host option.