Bitwarden Send template (default settings)

Feature name

  • Send defaults or Send templates

Feature function

I often use the same settings when using Send, for instance for passwords “delete after one day, max access count 1, copy URL to clipboard”. It would be nice not to have to click through all these options again and again.


This is especially needed for the option to hide one’s email address, since the repercussions of forgetting to clear that checkbox could be significant.

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We would also love to have this, as setting up all the mentioned options for every send takes just unnecessary time.

I use Send Text multiple times a day. Nearly every Send uses the same options such as “Copy the link to share this send…”, Expire in one hour and max 2 views.
Its very tedious to do this every time a Send is created.

It would be great if a) the last used set of Send Options was remembered for the next time or b) there were settings where these options could be selected and fixed for every use.

@islagiat Welcome to the forum! I moved your post into this existing Feature Request thread. I would recommend that you register your support for this feature by using the “Vote” button at the top of the thread.

It would also be nice if the default settings can be controlled at an organisation level similar to the password generator.

yes please! we would love to see this feature in the product - our users have been asking for it