Bitwarden send simple?

Bitwarden Send …

Seems a useful feature for sending file but what’s a simple but secure way to send a password for a specific site (eh Amazon shopping for my partner) via email when email isn’t secure?

A lot depends on the risk model, type of account etc.

You can put in the first say 10 characters of your passphrase and then passphrase protect the send, along with setting up expiry, number of access times etc.

You then use Signal, WhatsApp, SMS etc to send the passphrase to open the Send, with the final four (or more)part of the passphrase that needs to be added to the 10 characters, something you both parties know.

Or variations of the above.

Admittedly, if you have say Yubikey set up as mandatory for the passphrase protected application, then risks are greatly reduced.

Or… if its a partner, then use Families and keep it in the shared vault.