Bitwarden Send is tedious at best

Unless I’m using this wrong, I think the Send feature needs a complete redo. If you’re simply trying to share a login, you need to create a send, find the entry, copy it and then paste it multiple times back into the Send screen. Within 1PW, I could simply go to the entry, click share and then select how, # of views and expiration. Seems like the Send feature could have a much more streamlined workflow. With 1PW, it’s so easy to quickly share an item.

This post makes it sound like BW is looking into improving Bitwarden Send to better share vault items.

The Send feature is not designed for this purpose. It is for sending general information or files.

New functionality that is geared specifically to sharing of vault items is under research, according to the Bitwarden Roadmap.

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Roger that, thank you!

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