Bitwarden Send - Enterprise Policy for all options

Enterprise Policies for Send

Ability to set a policy for the options available to users of Bitwarden Send.
Our current written policy is:

Bitwarden Send has a few options which you should set to ensure safe transfer
• You must always set expiry and deletion setting, these can be no more than 1 week.
• You must set the access count to 1 to ensure only the intended recipient can view the secret
• You must add a password and provide that password to the recipient via a separate communication channel (e.g. send the Send link over email, password over slack/text message)

We’d like the ability to enforce these at an organisational level so that users don’t run the risk of either not knowing the policy or forgetting to set one of the options.


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This is a superset of the functionality asked for in BitWarden Send - require user authentication