Bitwarden Send API?


We love to use Bitwarden Send to share API keys with external developers wanting to integrate our product.
Currently this means copy/pasting a bunch of values and sending out a link over mail.

Is there a public API we could use that would allow to populate and configure a BW Send?

I tried looking around, possibly I looked in the wrong places.

Could you script it with the Bitwarden CLI?


Thanks! That could probably serve for our purpose.
Ideally though, I’d rather not have to run command line scripts from inside a PHP or Python application.

When looking around, I bumped on this:

I couldn’t help noticing these kind of calls when looking at a BW Send transmission:{{SomeKey}}

… does this mean that there is a Send API, but that it’s just not publicly available (or documented)?

… does this mean that it might come available? It would be worth knowing if our developers evaluate integrating BW Send in our application for API key generation/maintenance.