Bitwarden Self-Hosted Installation 502 Bad Gateway Error


I am trying to run a bitwarden self-hosted installation and I am running into this issue where I go to create an account but fail to create the account due to the error message below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

An error has occurred. <html> <head><title>502 Bad Gateway</title></head> <body> <center><h1>502 Bad Gateway</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx</center> </body> </html>

Please let me know what commands to run such as logs to better help visualize the error and get to the solution faster.

After doing some diagnostics with the bitwarden-nginx docker container. I was able to reproduce this error message in the logs of nginx.

[error] 45#45: *3 connect() failed (113: No route to host) while connecting to upstream, client: [IP-Address], server:, request: "POST /api/accounts/register HTTP/2.0", upstream: "", host: "", referrer: ""

I’ve found a similar article in the community forums for this issue. I ran the below commands and unfortunately I am still unable to create an account.

./ stop
docker image ls
docker image rm id-for-admin id-for-mssql
./ updateself
./ update

Hey there, if you don’t get answers here, you can also contact the support team directly at Get in Touch | Bitwarden

They’re going to help out free, on-prem users? :woozy_face:

EDIT: Suffice it to say, I appear to be getting the exact same error:

2023/02/17 20:38:47 [error] 49#49: *21 connect() failed (113: No route 
to host) while connecting to upstream, client:, server:, request: "POST /identity/accounts/register
HTTP/1.1", upstream: "", 
host: "", referrer: "