Bitwarden Self-Hosted Behind Nginx Reverse Proxy

Hello, I have installed Bitwarden self-hosted on its own VM (its the only service running on that VM except for the OS), and I’m trying to setup a reverse proxy config with NGINX Proxy Manager, and when I attempt to visit the domain that hosts the Bitwarden install it redirects to the internal IP of the VM.

Steps I’ve taken to attempt to fix this

  • Changed config.yml url: to
  • Changed global.override.env: globalSettings__baseServiceUri__vault to
  • Disabled ssl on the bitwarden install (I’m serving over SSL with a lets encrypt cert managed by the Proxy Manager)
  • Added IP of the proxy machine to the RealIPs section of config.yml

I figured it out. After changing the config.yml I forgot to do the rebuild command.

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