Bitwarden/self-host Unified ports on Synology NAS?

Hello all, quick question about bitwarden/self-host unified ports. I am running bitwarden/self-host unified in Docker on a Synology NAS. It runs very well, however I’m having an issue with blocked ports. The NAS has a firewall on it, and historically I’ve only opened ports that are necessary. From my limited research and troubleshooting, I’ve opened 9890, 5000-5010, 8080, and 443 trying to get this to work. I cannot log in to Bitwarden web on 443, it just times out on the password page. If I turn off the firewall it logs in immediately. Does anyone know what actual ports bitwarden/self-host unified actually uses?

If anyone has issues with Synology NAS firewall ports and self-hosted bitwarden instances the ports needed were 80, 443, 5000-5007, and 3306.