Bitwarden & Samsung?

whenever we try to signin to a Samsung account website using Bitwarden, the password shows up in the email window, this happens when we use the launch option for that account. Any idea why…
we use a Samsung s10 phone, are there any known issuse with Samsung & Bitwarden

If you’re referring to the website, then try editing your login item to add two custom fields of the Linked type. One custom field should be named iptLgnPlnID and be linked to the Username, and the other custom field should be named iptLgnPlnPD and be linked to the Password.

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not sure what this means
plus the link provided does not open up

OK, let’s start over. If you want someone here to help you figure this out, please start by sharing the exact URL link that you are launching when you try to log in to “a Samsung account”. Every website that has problems with autofill has unique issues, so unless we know the specific website you are asking about, it will be difficult to impossible to help.

Also, while waiting for someone to help, please review the learning resources about custom fields that available here:

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On the Samsung S10 phone we get this page first

then we choose Sign in with your account ID (the other option, sigin with Galaxy device doesn’t work)
then it brings us to this page
where we can enter a email, but when we make the selection, the password ends up in the email window

That looks like the same URL that I had posted above. Did you get a chance to view the tutorial presentation or read any of the Help Center articles on custom fields that I had linked above?