✅ Bitwarden recommends Authy - Data breach

Bitwarden is recommending “Authy” so I registered. Two days later they had a data-breach with millions of phone numbers leaked. Bitwarden should seriously consider not to recommend this third party service anymore.


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It looks like your request is about Bitwarden’s Password Manager product, so I have moved your post into the appropriate section of the forum.

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bitwarden should really consider changing the recommended authenticator’s from their website, i feel like 2FAs would fit that spot really well, it allows you to manage your own totp codes.
Now, about authy, not being able to export is seen as a security feature as stated here, which is so funny because every person with a brain can notice that this is pure corporate greed in order to make the user think twice about the work of moving to another, obviously better, alternative

Most of their help/documentation pages have a button at the bottom, “Make a suggestion to this page”. It might be helpful to make the suggest via that link on the page where you found the Authy reference.

I am not talking about “Help Center | Bitwarden

The Twilio Authy (and Google Authenticator) recommendation is within the webapp. Here is a better screenshot if you have difficulty finding the Authy recommendation:

The instructions in the Security section of the Web Vault are going to be modified soon in an upcoming release, as a PR modifying this text was approved already 2 weeks ago.

The new description for the “Authenticator App” provider will read:

Enter a code generated by an authenticator app like Bitwarden Authenticator

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I will go ahead and close this Feature Request as completed, since a solution is already in the works.

If the Help Center documentation is not updated when this is released, people can use the “Make a suggestion” function at the bottom of each help article, and/or post a new thread.