Bitwarden prompt to Never save password doesn't work

Hi I have a peculiar issue with the Chrome extension. It never remembers to never prompt to save a password when I choose that option say on my banking website. I couldn’t find anything on Google. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @riverofwind and welcome to the community,

Do you happen to know if your Bitwarden extension is in an Unlocked or Locked state when you try to sign in and notice the prompt?

Do you mean signed in or not? It’s always singed in if so…

If you do not need to constantly login, then most likely you stay signed in as you say and the extension will Lock after a certain time period. You can understand the difference between Lock and Logging in within the Bitwarden help article.

If the extension is not in an unlocked state however in any instance it will not know you have a matching login item if you attempt to sign in and select the Never save password option. So you will either need to make sure the extension is Unlocked prior to attempting to login to make sure it correctly never offers to save the password further, extend your Vault Timeout period, or you can also disable this globally if you prefer under SettingsOptionsAsk to add login :white_medium_small_square: