Bitwarden plugin for MS Outlook

Feature name

Develop a new plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which integrates with Bitwarden Send

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
  1. Insert attachments/sensitive text via Bitwarden Send through the plugin directly from the compose email Outlook window.
  2. Bitwarden Send link generated is then inserted into the body of the email inside Outlook, rather than creating separately with the Desktop/web app and then copy-paste.
  3. Support/pre-set all the options of new Bitwarden Send items (link passwrd/expiration/max access count etc.)
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
  1. Add aditional layer of security when sending attached files/sensitive information via email from Outlook with a click of a button.
  2. Bypass email envelope size send/receive limits

My concern with this is, now it would take the attention of the development team away from making the main programs better, and more secure and divert resources towards a plug-in that essentially just saves you from hitting CTRL-C and CTRL-V

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