Bitwarden plugin(extension) for Chrome and Edge

I have entered websites and passwords in my Vault but auto-fill is not working. I assume I need the Bitwarden plugin/extension in each browser, Chrome and Edge. I see no way to add the plugin/extension to the browsers… Please help.

@moe53 Welcome to the forum!

For Chrome, use the Add to Chrome button on the following webpage:

For Edge, use the Get button on this webpage:

There is no ‘Add to Chrome’ button on that Chrome webpage. It seems to be instructions on creating an account. I have already established an account in Bitwarden. I log in with my master password. I have 4 websites in my vault but there is no way for me to use Bitwarden to do what it is supposed to do. I’ll have to look at the Edge page later.

Make sure you are logged into Chrome using your Google account. You should see a box labeled “Add to Chrome” top right (perhaps the wording is slightly different but you should be able to figure it out). Another way to get there is to click on the 3 dots upper right in Chrome then highlight “Extensions” and click on “Visit Chrome Web Store”. In the search box upper left type “bitwarden” then click on “Bitwarden” then click on “Bitwarden - Free Password Manager” in the middle of the page (it will take you to the same place as the link). Then you will see “Add to Chrome” upper right, click on that (note that if the extension is already added you will see “Remove from Chrome” instead).

Did you actually click on the link? The way website links are displayed on the forum is sometimes misleading (i.e., the title shown in the box — “Bitwarden - Free Password Manager” — is very generic and may make you think it is a page you have visited previously). Please try the link below instead, and make sure that when the page has loaded, the browser’s address bar contains this very same URL:

The web page should look something like this (I have added an orange arrow to point to the Add to Chrome button):


P.S. You do not actually need to be logged in to a Google account for this to work.

I now have the extension in Chrome and Edge. Why would autofill work for some websites and not others? When it does work it won’t always auto fill the password.

An example: I have a bookmark for a website that I use frequently. When I click on the bookmark ,the sign in page appears with the username auto filled- that might be because I chose ‘remember user name’ for the website- but the password is not autofilled. I have to click on the Bitwarden icon in my toolbar, the webpage entry appears and then I click on it to auto fill the password. Why do I have to do this extra step?

The failure of autofill could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. URL and/or URI match detection method needs to be adjusted.

  2. Linked custom fields may be required.

  3. The website HTML/JavaScript for the login page may include some idiosyncrasies that make the website incompatible with autofilling.

  4. There may be interference from other browser extensions, or from the browser’s native password manager/autofill functionality.

Thus, this type of problem cannot be diagnosed unless you let us know the URL of the website you are having problems with.

See my response above.

However, it sounds like you want to use automatic auto-fill (a.k.a., autofill on page load). For safety reasons, Bitwarden disables this by default. To enable this behavior, go to Settings > MANAGE > Auto-fill in the browser extension. Then check the box for Auto-fill on page load, and change the Default autofill setting for login items to “Auto-fill on page load”.

I have “Auto-fill on page load” checked and Default autofill setting for login items to Auto-fill on page load. I still have to click the Bitwarden icon, the website entry appears and then I click on it to auto fill the password.

In that case, please refer to this response.