Bitwarden plan names

Hi all,

how should we handle Bitwarden’s plan names (like “Free”, “Premium” and “Families”)? I usually think of a product’s plan names as some kind of branded name that should not be translated (at least that’s my experience from other localization projects).

Does anyone here have information on how we should handle this? Preferrably even and official answer. (@bw-admin :eyes: )

Checked in with the team, they confirmed that plan names: ‘Teams’ and ‘Enterprise’ can be used without further localization.

Only those two or all plan names?

But the question is: Should they or is it also fine to localize them if the make sense?

I have translated them and I usually try to localize straightforward descriptive plan names (unless specified otherwise) when localization makes sense like it does for things like Families, Teams and Business etc. In some situations I have also locslized parts of some product names too if they are like extensions like Adblocker or Browser. They look and sound better in Finnish context since we need to inflect names, including those that consist of foreign words (e.g. Bitwarden’s becomes Bitwardenin - in this case there is no reason to translate the name as it is not a common word). Premium tends to be untranslated because we don’t have a good single word translation for it.

Also in my opinion it should be all or nothing, meaning that either all plans are localized or none.

Thanks all, I’ll double check with the team and update the glossary accordingly.