Bitwarden password testing tool loaded with ad trackers

The Bitwarden password testing page is loaded with multiple ad trackers :nauseated_face:

This does not inspire confidence.

Hey @Sizzle6397 thanks for the feedback! The Bitwarden marketing website is subject to the privacy/terms listed in the footer, rest assured your feedback has been passed along to the team.

As always, community members are more than welcome to block these, I typically have my browser set to block trackers at all times and use Mullvad as a VPN.

So it’s my fault for not running an ad blocker to stop Bitwarden from tracking me… :thinking:

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Hey @Sizzle6397 it is pretty typical for any marketing site, as I mentioned above, your feedback has been passed along to the team.

“Other sites track people, so why shouldn’t we” :roll_eyes:

@Sizzle6397 I hear your feedback, as mentioned above, it has been passed directly to the team :+1:

In addition to being a privacy concern, running ad tech on a page designed for testing passwords is a security risk, because it allows third parties to inject JavaScript into the page.

I took a quick look using my browser’s web inspector and I saw at least one third-party JavaScript script being run. Bitwarden will have no control over what such third party scripts can inject into the page - they could potentially harvest passwords people enter into the password testing field.

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Does using a browser in incognito/privacy mode eliminate the risk?

Thanks, the team is making some adjustments here :+1:

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My Brave Shields tracker shows two trackers: and And none on the login page.