Bitwarden on-prem permissions

Hi everybody,
we are currently in evaluation regarding a self hosted Bitwarden.

We would like to grant access to specific vault entries by the role of the co-worker.
For example: an AWS Admin has access to AWS credentials while an Azure Admin not and has instead of that access to Microsoft logins.

How is that possible?

Thank you,

@xgetwellx Welcome to the forum!

Bitwarden uses something called “organizations” to implement sharing of credentials. The shared data in your organization vault would be organized into multiple so-called “collections”, and you can set granular permission levels for each collection, so that some users only have access to certain collections. So in your case, you would place your AWS credentials in an “AWS” collection, and place your Microsoft logins in an “Azure” collection; and then give different users access only to the collection that they need.

Thanks for the fast reply and sorry for the slow response from my side.

How do I have to license my on prem installation to create organizations? I have a premium license, but when I want to add a new organization, I am asked for a license. When I select the license file, I receive the error that the license is not valid.

Yes, hosting organizations on an on-prem installation requires a paid organization license (Family, Teams, or Enterprise). This is specified in the pricing chart (if you scroll down and look at the footnote for the “Self-Host Options” feature in the plan comparison table).

Even if your accounts are hosted on Bitwarden’s cloud servers, you will need a paid organization license if your organization needs more than 2 members or more than 2 collections.