Bitwarden on Firefox keeps logging/timing out


A bit of an annoying issue I’m dealing with.

I have the Bitwarden plug-in for Firefox and have used it a long time without incident. Lately (in the last few weeks, or last month or two) it’s been logging out virtually every time I leave my computer for awhile, forcing me to re-enter my password to access my vault. However, I have it set to only lock when I restart the browser, and I rarely restart my browser - or my computer for that matter (Macbook M1 Pro).

I was on Firefox this morning, had to log in to the plug-in first thing this morning. And I just came home from work, opened the computer to the same browser, and I have to enter my password again. What’s the issue? Is it possibly as simple as removing and reinstalling the plug-in?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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Hello Kyle and welcome to the community!

This appears to be a known issue, and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround. Fortunately, BW people have experienced this internally and seem to have prioritized this bug.

Meanwhile, can you use the “Login with device” feature? Or may be “Unlock with biometrics” (just in case, my Windows FF extension never logs me out because I have this enabled)?

Hello! Thank you for the response. Glad to hear that these folks are working on it.

I’ll check out those other options you suggested in the meantime. I have BW on my iphone, so perhaps I can make that work.

Anxiously awaiting this fix myself :slight_smile: