Bitwarden on Android keeps asking for main password

Hello all,
Could someone enlighten me why on Android, the app often (2 weeks max) asks me for main password ?!
This is very annoying and because of this I can’t set a very complex main password…when I’m on the road I can’t spend a half an hour just cursing and entering my long password.
Is this a security standard ??
Android v. 12
Bitwarden app v. 2024.4.0

Hi and welcome to the community!

Can you share with us the Settings → Account security page? You probably would have to allow screen capture first in the Other page.

timeout : 1 minute
action : Lock (not Logout)
I already sent an email to support, I tried to uninstall the app and delete leftovers.
Now I have to see if I still get to be asked for the password in a few days … weeks

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