Bitwarden off line with 2FA

If I have 2FA and bitwarden is off line, do I have to use the recovery code to access from the pc and I cannot add or modify data to my vault?

Quite right?

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Shouldn’t it still work as long as your vault is open? TOTP apps don’t need an internet connection to work. It just need to have accurate time to work. TOTP might fail if your clock is off, but not if your internet is down.

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2FA and recovery codes are only used for setting up new sessions with Bitwarden’s servers. Once the vault is local, all you need is the master password.

I was referring to the case of pc startup, when the vault is still closed by default.

In fact you are right, I can still use the TOTP code offline, but in that case, I cannot add or modify data to my vault?


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If I have lost my smartphone to generate the TOTP password, I cannot access my vault even offline, I have to use the recovery code: am I wrong?


At the Authenticator App screen where they ask for the TOTP, click on the link “Use another two-step login method”. There should be an option for recovery code.

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Thanks … but when I work offline, can’t I add or change data to my vault?

If you keep your vault open, I would think you would be able to make changes and have it sync up when you reconnect. Be aware that unless the timeout is set to never, the vault till be clear whenever you close the browser.

Currently, BW only operates in a read-only mode while offline.

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Did not realize this. Thanks

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