Bitwarden occasionally disables keyboard

I’m using the Logitech G910 and occasionally when using the auto fill function the keyboard stops working, I’ve gotten a warranty replacement from Logitech but it still continues to happen with a restart being the only fix, suspected it was bitwarden but noticed today straight after using it the keyboard stopped letting me type

I’ve used a different password manager before without this issue, I haven’t got any other keyboards to test with, doesn’t happen all the time or even on the same website

I experienced the same issue yesterday, it happened twice, i didn’t know what was going on.
So it looks like it’s a bitwarden app thing. Hopefully they get to fix it soon

I’ve been noticing this problem for a few weeks, and finally suspect its the auto fill feature of bitwarden.

I have the problem on my laptop, it seems to only effect printable keys, so while “L” will not work windowskey L will work and lock the PC. I’ve also tried an external keyboard and it behaved in the same way.

The problem is not resolved by restarting the browser, but if you open a web page that bitwarden fills in the login credentials, you can then type in the non password field (only) and the keyboard is fine again.

I use edge & chrome at the same time, both with bitwarden, so I’m not sure if the issue is from one or the other. It’s difficult to test as it can happen every 2 days, or 2 hours, and I’ve not found any pattern to it yet.

It has been suggested that this thread may be related.

These do sound similar, however, in my case, I’m only using the browser plugin which seems to be active and working.

I am now sure the problem is with bitwarden. I keep a tab open now with a login screen, and whenever the keyboard stops, I just have to go to the tab and type in the user id field and the keyboard is ok again.

Can this be raised as a bug, and can someone at bitwarden look into this?

That’s been a bug for as long as I have been using BW.
I found manually selecting the next field (ie username or PW) and then manually selecting the username field seems to usually prompt the keyboard to reappear.
It is annoying though no doubt