Bitwarden not recognizing any websites

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I installed the extension on Chrome and imported the CVS file but doesn’t recognize any websites. Usually there is a number 1 on the icon meaning there is a password stored for the site but nothing. If I search the website manually it is there though.

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Hello @Julian_Gen - welcome! And sorry to hear you are having issues with your stored passwords. I can try to help.

So when you visit a URL matching a login item stored in your Bitwarden vault, the icon changes so that there is a number 1 on the icon, meaning there is one match. What happens if you click on that icon?

What happens if you click CONTROL-SHIFT-L (Windows/Linux) / COMMAND-SHIFT-L (Mac)?

Hello, David. Thank you for responding.

I’m using bitwarden in a couple of laptops and on android without problems. When I go to a website it tells me how many passwords are right on the icon. But now I have installed BW on 2 of my wife’s laptops on chrome and on Brave browsers and imported the passwords via CVS file that I exported from Lastpass but first, the icon does not show any numbers and when I click the icon it says "there are no passwords to autofill in the current browser tab.

When I go to the vault I can see the passwords are all there and if I do a manual search the website is located and I can manually copy the user logins or passwords but BW is not recognizing the website on both computers and on both browsers. I am signing in with Google.

Thank you for your help.

Julian G

Hi @Julian_Gen - so it sounds like the credentials are there but Bitwarden can’t match them to the web sites you are visiting.

First, make sure that you have given the extension permission to access data from the websites you visit. I suspect this may be the issue.

If not, the second thing I would check is your default match detection. By default it should be set to match any domain matching the URIs that are entered in the login item, but if the default was accidentally set to Exact Match or Never, that might also explain the issue.

Hope one of those helps!


I think I solved the problem. I was importing the CVS file not in Lastpass format. I had chosen the chrome format. Thank you.

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