Bitwarden not logging into email

Bitwarden does not work with email account. It takes me to the email login page, but i have to sign in. Any idea what may be wrong?

Hey there, can you provide a little more detail on what is happening? Were you able to successfully create a Bitwarden account? What platform are you trying to access Bitwarden on?

Thank you. Yes, i have a bitwarden account on an android tablet. Its auto logging me into this forum and also my pinterest account. Both are logging in through bitwarden. Email does not though. Ive tried 2 email accounts with no success.

Thanks for the clarification! There are a few resources in the Help Center, including Auto-fill Logins on Android, and Troubleshooting Android Auto-fill.

Do the problematic vault items have a URI registered?

If you are just experiencing autofill failures on specific sites, you can also report it on the form in the Github issue here.