BitWarden Not Generating 2FA TOTP

I’m guessing I’m supposed to see the generated TOTP code after putting in the Authenticator Key, as circled in the image:

But I don’t see it, I did notice that the Authenticator Key entered on the left is much shorter than the one that is generated from my WordPress Two-Factor plugin.

Is this the reason why it isn’t working for me?

I scanned the QR code, logged off of my WordPress account, logged back in, entered in the TOTP code generated by the Authy app and can confirm that the Authentication Code works.

Here is how the Authenicator Key looks like with the WordPress plugin:

Hey there,
First, you should never publicly post your TOTP key or QR code, these can be used to access your account without your permission.

Second, the string below the QR code in your image (PA[…]KJ) is what you should put in the “Authenticator Key” field in BW. Is that what you did ?


  1. No problem, both those images were pulled from public information. The first image is from Bitwarden’s site itself, I just circled the TOTP code. The second was directly from the WordPress plugin’s page.

  2. Yes, that’s what I did (for my actual Authenticator Key).

I too have the same problem

To get Bitwarden to generate TOTP codes three things are needed

  1. a subscription - free versions can store the string but will not generate codes
  2. the (correct for the website) string stored in the Authenticator Key field
  3. the device’s clock being correct (best to have it set by a time source every day or two)

With these things it will generate the right codes. You can check by putting the same information into any other TOTP generator, when you will see them generating the same sequence of codes and they will change at the same time (within limits, I have seen a variation of up to about a second).


But on the Bitwarden website it says that we have basic 2 factor login enabled for free accounts

That is Basic two-step login to protect your Bitwarden vault; not to use for other items.
For details see here: Two-step Login Methods | Bitwarden Help & Support

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Ahhh I see it. That’s sad. I’m still using Microsoft authenticator to generate my codes :confused: