Bitwarden not auto filling on Authentik

We have a self-hosted server running Authentik, which is used to place a login between the internet and certain internal webpages. When we go to Authentik, Bitwarden does not autofill and if you go and click autofill it gives this error:

I tried using custom fields as I read that was a way to get around this but I could not get it to work.

Happy to provide more info as necessary, thank you.

Hi @cyberteksjeremy, welcome to community! :wave:

This typically happens when the site itself prevents password managers from auto-filling your information. Iā€™m not particularly familiar with Authentik, but a casual search of their documentation did not come up with any way to disable this functionality. I would defer to their support to see if this this is something you can configure for your self-hosted server.

Okay, that I will, thank you very much

I took a look at their documentation and it turns out there is a compatibility mode setting for the flow. Wishing I had checked their documentation lol. Thank you so much.

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