Bitwarden Mobile with Selfhosted instance


we are using the bitwarden selfhosted solution. The connection to our host via web-application is working well without any problems.

But if we use the android application, the app always says “There is a problem connecting to the server”. We have just filled our selfhosted enviroment parameter like “”.

I tried to look inside our own logs, to find some informations about this, but it seems that the app does not connect anywhere to the selfhosted instance.

Is it possible, to get more informations out of the mobile app? Or - Do we need to fill all parameters of the app ( “API Server URL” and more ) and if yes, what are the urls?

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For Bitwarden to work in Chrome or any of the clients using HTTPS you need to have a valid SSL certificate. You can use a self signed certificate if you just want to bypass this issue in Chrome however the apps wont accept a self signed certificate unless you load it into your OS however bear in mind if your site is open to the public this isn’t a good idea.

Try using HTTP and not HTTPS and tell me if that solves the issue.

Hi there,
Have you been able to resolve the mobile app login to your self hosted instance please? I do run self hosted as well, (I do not have Android but Apple devices, but I am sure, it is very similar), for the love of God, I am not able to login with the iOS app to Bitwarden. Tried just HTTP, of course it has to be secured connection, so, that is out of discussion, and if it is HTTPS I get “An error occurred” message.
Any ideas please? I know this is a old discussion…but I figured you may already resolve the issue and maybe point me to right direction. Thank you!

Hi @Pedro - welcome!

There is some good information here on the Bitwarden help pages that might be useful to you:

Note that especially for iOS devices, your best bet is to use a free Lets Encrypt certificate or (if you have experience installing SSL certs on your server) another CA certificate, rather than a self-signed certificate.

Thank you, that was lightning fast, I will look at that!

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