Bitwarden Mobile Username Generator

2022.10.0 version got Username Generator support, but for some unknown reason without Fastmail and DuckDuckGo support. Is it temporary?

Hey there, username generation is a recent introduction to mobile, other services will be added in future releases.

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Sure, it’s just a little bit strange. Provider integrations work similarly: it’s just an HTTP request to the service with user provided API token. Why not to release all of them at once?

It was released in the same order on other platforms, it just takes time to verify code and QA test.

Ok, thanks for the answer, will wait!

I just upgraded to BW 2022.11.0 (2680) for iOS and still see no Fastmail username option. This option has been available since v.2022.10.x in the Windows, MacOS and Linux ports.

Am I missing something?

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Hey @alienpup thanks for checking in, this functionality will be added in a future release :+1:

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dwbit, thanks for the prompt response. As this is a community of loyal BW users, I rather feel the question deserves better than “… will be added in a future release”. Some explanation of why the feature is missing from the iOS client port, and a more specific estimate of when it will be added would be helpful.

Have you consulted the development team in this regard? What was their response?


Hey @alienpup thanks for the feedback, the additional options are being added in the same order they were developed in as the browser extension. We don’t have an exact release date pinned down right now, but we will update as more information becomes available.

You can also follow PRs in real time on the Github repository.

These details help a lot. Thanks.


Anyway it’s strange for me. I am a developer, those integrations require you to do a single HTTP API request. Why to add three providers and postpone another two at indefinite period. I would understood if every provider were some complex deep integration connected with Bitwarden backend but it’s clearly not.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, username generator work is balanced with also maintaining and implementing other big items on the roadmap, which require dev time and testing.

You’re also welcome to attend the Bitwarden Developer Forum next week to speak with Bitwarden and community devs:

Hi @lord,

We appreciate your feedback and welcome all kinds of contributions. If you are up for it, we’d really appreciate your help on this and would be happy to review a Pull Request.

Here’s a guide on getting started and how to set up your development environment, in case you’d like to take a stab at it.

As @dwbit has already mentioned, this is planned to be added to the mobile client.

Kind regards,