Bitwarden mac desktop app failed to fetch when trying to logon

I’m using macbook air m1 running big sur 11.5.2 and bitwarden app 1.27.1
When trying to logon to my vault I get a failed to fetch error. The chrome browser add in works fine. I’ve uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled and the same problem. I don’t run the mac firewall. if anyone could help me resolve this that would be appreciated. Many thanks

Perhaps this will help: Failed to fetch (MacOS desktop app) - #3 by dieoma

Thanks. Looked through this thread and like a couple of the other contributors I’ve done removed the application and associated components except the certificates which I’m struggling to identify. The certificate examples given, seem to relate to a self hosted bitwarden installation on a NAS rather than the MAC OS X desktop app from the app store. Perhaps the problem is related to certificates that need to be removed and this is the outstanding aspect to be addressed. I’ll keep investigating, thanks