Bitwarden login password

running windows 10, brave browser with bitwarden, everything has been fine until yesterday, when I tried to log into bitwarden it tells me that my username or password is incorrect, I tried using firefox to login but with same result, I know both are correct, password hint tells me that pw is correct but decided to try to change my password I cannot find an option to do that, all I can find is an option to delete my account, surely I would need to log into my account to delete it, and set up a new account, can anybody help and advise me on getting back into my account, all help and advice appreciated

Hi Harry - sorry to hear about your difficulty logging in to Bitwarden.

There are quite a few posts on the forums here where people have run into the same situation as you. But as far as I remember, every case was resolved by the user who realized they had been inputting their username or password incorrectly (despite being certain that they were not making mistakes when they posted their message). So, hopefully you wrote down or stored your password someplace where you can verify every character, every capitol, etc. And watch out for spaces at the beginning or end of your username and password, as they can easily go unnoticed.

If nothing works, they only way to recover your account is either from a backup you have made or if you setup emergency access with someone. Your password is part of the key that decrypts your vault, and Bitwarden does not save a copy anywhere, so it is essential that you use the password to open your vault.

Hope you get it sorted out - and let us know how you make out.

thank you David, no backup but as former serviceman pw is year joined, service number, medals and year left, easy for me to remember but bitwarden has decided I am wrong but will keep trying, just hoping there was an option to reset pw, I appreciate your help

Hi David, just an update, I have found a usb key with master password on plus all my other passwords, forgotten I had saved that, imputted password and still bitwarden refuses to accept it will keep trying for a few days, if not then set up new pw manager

Hi Harry - glad that you found the info. I would contact the Bitwarden CS team right away to see if they can help. This is very unusual that you can’t login to your vault, but they may have some helpful ideas. :crossed_fingers: