Bitwarden login Firefox OTP

I am using OTP with my bitwarden account. I’m using bitwarden since 2 months. Each time I login to the web interface of my bitwarden account I get a request to key in the OTP. Doing the the same with the web browser plugin does not trigger a request for the OTP (Firefox).
How can I setup my bitwarden configuration to ask for the OTP with the browser plugin login?


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If you are only locking/unlocking your vault, then Bitwarden plugin will not request 2FA (e.g. OTP).

If you are logging out/in, then the plugin will request 2FA.

See: Two-step Login FAQs | Bitwarden Help & Support

Since 2FA is only requested on log in, the current option would be to set the Vault Timeout action to Log Out

You may want to experiment with this as it can be less convenient for people who want to access vault quickly (esp. with biometrics or PIN code).

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OK I have tested that.
When I am using the browser to login to my vault I get a request to key in my OTP:

When I am doing the same with the plugin I just need to enter the password, regardless if I lock or logout.
I am using Bitwarden Version 2.18.1, is there a more recent Version to be used?
I host my own instance on a Synology Docker container.
What else can I check?