Bitwarden loading loop on Mac OS

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble logging in with the Bitwarden MacOS Client that I downloaded from the AppStore. Just to give you some context, we have a self-hosted server, and I have updated the server settings accordingly. When I try to log in, it redirects me to the login page via the browser, where I use Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate. After successfully logging in, I am redirected back to the Bitwarden Client, but it gets stuck on the loading screen with the spinning circle, and nothing happens beyond that point.

I have attempted to resolve this issue by uninstalling the client multiple times and even tried the alternative method of installing it through Brew. I also switched from Safari to Chrome as my browser, but unfortunately, this did not help either.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this problem, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @shortcut, welcome to community! :wave:

This definitely doesn’t seem like expected behavior. I’d recommend reaching out to our support team for more assistance.