Bitwarden Issues on mac


I have been facing a couple of issues on Mac.
I wanted to know if someone else has had similar issue and has over come it, or if its an issue.

  1. The fingerprint integration setup from browser extension in Mac does not work always. For example, once in a while, the login is cleared from my browser (I guess this is due to some system cleaning process) and then when I try to setup my fingerprint integration, it says it is not enabled in desktop app. But it is. Then I have to enable and disable it to make it work.

  2. The preferences option is not visible in Bitwarden for desktop app. In fact, the entire top menu bar is of another application. For example, I open Chrome, i see at the top the chrome menu bar, File, Edit, View etc. Then I open bitwarden desktop app, but I still see the menu of Chrome.
    The only way I seem to get it working is when I uninstall and reinstall bitwarden.

Has anyone else faced such issues?

Hi @winultimate - welcome to the community forums.

For what it’s worth, I have not experienced either of these issues on any of the macs I use. It sounds like something is not working correctly with your Bitwarden desktop app.

Did you download the desktop app from the app store? If so, what version of MacOS are you running, and is it an Intel or Apple silicon-based Mac?

Hi @dh024
Yes, I downloaded if from the bitwarden desktop app.

I have a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) with intel core i7
OS version 12.4

P.S: Since you asked about the verion, I think I observed this issue after a few OS updates. I assume from 12.3 if I remember right

Yes, I faced this issue but I suggest you to desktop app from the app store.