"Bitwarden is slowing down Firefox. To speed up you browser, stop that extension."


lately I’ve started seeing this message pop up every now and then. The message only appears briefly (for a few secs) and then disappears. See attached screenshot.

I tried removing and reinstalling the Bitwarden add-on on Firefox, but it didn’t help.

Is this a known bug and being fixed?

macOS 10.13.6
Bitwarden 2023.3.0
Firefox 111.0.1

I can confirm that 2023.3.0 have exactly the same behavior on my Firefox browser, and also for Chromium-based browser (specifically Edge).

OS: Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2 (22621.1485)
Browser: Firefox 111.0.1 and Edge 111.0.1661.62
Browser Extension version: 2023.3.0

I’ve found a website that triggers the problem every time I visit its homepage (as a logged-in user). To reproduce:

Log in to https://bgm.tv (in Chinese), add 40+ item to “currently watching” list, and add some people to your friends list so that their status show up on the home page. Both Firefox and Edge will freeze when loading pages.


Downgrade the browser extension to 2023.2.1.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, it seems to happen to me as well on a website with Chinese characters (where I’m also logged in).

How do I downgrade my browser extension?

I hope they will provide a fix for it soon, though.

Historical version of Bitwarden Firefox add-on can be found here:


You may also want to temporary disable automatic updates in add-on settings until problem solved.

Thanks, I now downgraded to 2023.2.1 and it seems to have solved the problem for the time being. I hope the devs acknowledged the bug and that a fix is being worked on, though!

There is an related GitHub issue, though Bitwarden staff haven’t yet been able to reproduce it:

Same happening here, specifically on the backend of some WordPress sites.

Same here, it’s rather annoying.

Thanks all, please continue to add your steps to reproduce for the team to investigate to help isolate the issue you are experiencing. Have you tried disabling other plugins or reinstalling to see if that resolves the issue?

Same issue.Is i5 7500 that bad nowadays? even for web browsing?