Bitwarden is not sending my verfication code

I’m trying to log in to my web vault and get a page titled “Authenticator App” which asks me to enter my verification code. I have several 2FA apps, but none have received a code. Is there a way to see where BW is sending the code or to troubleshoot?

It’s not sent anywhere, it’s in the app and the browser extension.

If you click on the BW icon on your browser, then click on the clock icon it saves the code to your clipboard so you can paste it into the web page.

Thanks for replying. I didn’t know about the clock. But, the clock is greyed out and has no effect when I click it.
I should have said previously (and have edited the post) said that the web page is titled “Authenticator App”

BW is also an authenticator app, I thought you had set it up on your vault. Silly me.

Do you see a “Use another 2-step login method” link?

Hi @Mike_Boedigheimer - you appear to have setup two-step authentication to login to Bitwarden. Do you remember which option you used? If you do, we can help.

I have several 2FAs and I don’t remember which I used. I don’t think it was email, because then I wouldn’t have any problems. I may not even have finished the 2FA setup, because it looked like BW was supporting google authenticator (GA) but not any I currently had. I may have bailed before finishing the setup BW (if that is possible). I have downloaded GA, but it is not setup because other issues.

If BW is prompting for 2FA, then you must have finished setting up 2FA. If you no longer have the authenticator app setup for Bitwarden authentication, then the only other option to get back into your account is to find your two-step recovery codes. :crossed_fingers: